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Installing Zeroshell on the Alix board

Finally I’ve got some time to play around with the installation of Zeroshell on the alix2d3 board. The installation requires just a few steps and it’s quite easy.

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where’s my serial port bracket?

My new (incredibly expensive) Asus motherboard does not have any ready to use serial port! There’s no serial port on the rear panel but only an internal com header connector. And the package includes any sort of cables, gadgets or … Continue reading

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Alix2d3 board

Last week I’ve received the Alix board I’ve ordered from PC Engines, but up until now I did not had enough time even to open the package.

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Starting gpsd automatically with a bluetooth GPS

I’ve lost a bit time trying to have gpsd starting automatically upon connection of my bluetooth GPS receiver (Holux M-1000) and finally I’ve found a solution that is probably not the best but is enough good for me.

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Importing Launchpad PPA Keys

Do you have Launchpad repositories into your list and your package manager is complaining about missing keys?

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Wobbly plugin: disabling snap to edge

The option was there, just waiting to be disabled … I just could not figure out it was the right one!

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Comanche <=> Lama V4

The E-Sky Co-Comanche is practically a Lama V4 with a different canopy. With a few parts you can turn it to a Lama V4 in a bunch of minutes.

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… back … ever been here ???

A quick update to the last wordpress stable release and good intentions to start posting something … finally … hopefully …

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Some compiz opacity tips

To change how compiz applies opacity all you have to do is to customize opacity matches by using ccsm’s “General/Opacity Settings” tab Here are some simple tips:

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let’s blog

I don’t know where this will lead … wait and see …

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