Comanche <=> Lama V4

Esky Lama V4 & Esky Comanche

The E-Sky Co-Comanche is practically a Lama V4 with a different canopy. With a few parts you can turn it to a Lama V4 in a bunch of minutes.

Here’s the list of parts you need:

  • 1x canopy Lama V4 (EK1-0579 or EK1-0576)
  • 1x canopy shoring Lama V4 (EK1-0572)
  • 1x battery holder Lama V4 (EK1-0575)
  • 1x landing skids Lama V4 (EK1-0574)

Obviously, you can turn your Lama to a Comanche as well by replacing the (few) corresponding parts.

IMO, the Lama V4 canopy makes the helicopter quicker and much responsive.

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