where’s my serial port bracket?

My new (incredibly expensive) Asus motherboard does not have any ready to use serial port!
There’s no serial port on the rear panel but only an internal com header connector.
And the package includes any sort of cables, gadgets or adapters (that I’ll probably never user) but no bracket with an external serial port …

Fortunately, I’ve found around some old parts that I have used to assemble one:

serial-port-connector-cable db9-male-and-bracket

  • an old IDC10 to DB9 female cable
  • a DB9 male connector
  • one of the unused brackets of my case

Usually the Asus motherboards use the AT-EVEREX pin-out:
this means that the connections have to be done among pins with the same number (see this page for a pin-out description).

I’ve substituted the female connector with the male one, created a hole on the bracket and finally assembled my quite brand new serial port.

work-in-progress-1 work-in-progress-2 final-bracket

I’ve installed the bracket into my case and … here’s my Alix board booting:


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