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updates notifications back to the notification area

With Ubuntu 9.04 the behavior of the notifications for software updates has been changed a bit: software updates do not get anymore highlighted in the notification area, but the update-manager simply start minimized and hardly catches my eye … Reverting … Continue reading

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Starting gpsd automatically with a bluetooth GPS

I’ve lost a bit time trying to have gpsd starting automatically upon connection of my bluetooth GPS receiver (Holux M-1000) and finally I’ve found a solution that is probably not the best but is enough good for me.

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Importing Launchpad PPA Keys

Do you have Launchpad repositories into your list and your package manager is complaining about missing keys?

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Some compiz opacity tips

To change how compiz applies opacity all you have to do is to customize opacity matches by using ccsm’s “General/Opacity Settings” tab Here are some simple tips:

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