Alix: time drift on OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05

Due to this bug, the system time drifts forward noticeably using the latest stable OpenWrt version on the Alix board.

The problem can be fixed setting the system’s clocksource to tsc with the following command:

echo "tsc" > /sys/devices/system/clocksource/clocksource0/current_clocksource

To have the fix survive a reboot, the command can be added to /etc/rc.local:


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Installing OpenWRT on the Alix board

I would like my alix based machine to be something more than only a router/firewall, so I’ve decided to install and try OpenWRT: so easy …

openwrt logo
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Walkera Lama 2-1 with the WK-2801

The WK-2801E radio can be configured to emulate a 4CH wk-2401 radio but it requires some tweaking to control the Lama 2-1 perfectly.

wk-2801 main
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Broken SD card pics

Some pictures of a broken SDHC memory card … if you ever asked yourself how they look like internally …

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domain migration

This blog is being migrated to a new domain

If there’s somebody listening … it’s time to update your bookmarks …

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updates notifications back to the notification area

With Ubuntu 9.04 the behavior of the notifications for software updates has been changed a bit:
software updates do not get anymore highlighted in the notification area, but the update-manager simply start minimized and hardly catches my eye …

Reverting back the behavior to the sane old one is very simple …

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fixing broken Honey Bee FP2 skids

It looks like the skids of my Honey Bee FP2 break always the same way.
I could repair them with CA glue and some sewing thread.

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Having fun with FreeSpace Open

Space combat simulations have always been among my favorite games and now that I’ve realized that the FreeSpace saga is fully playable under linux, I couldn’t resist to install, play and enjoy it!

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RTC battery on the alix2d3 board

One of the most common problems with the alix boards, in their standard configuration, is the lack of a built-in RTC battery: every time the board is powered off then the clock synchronization gets lost.
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Managing minicom settings

Minicom allows you to store and recall configuration files in a quite handy way.

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