Alix2d3 board

Last week I’ve received the Alix board I’ve ordered from PC Engines, but up until now I did not had enough time even to open the package.

alix2d3 board

Designed and distributed by PC Engines, a Swiss firm with a long experience in the industrial and consumer embedded PC solutions, the Alix boards are the ideal hardware platform for applications like thin clients, wireless routers, firewalls and whatever needs a small form factor and a very low power consumption (~5W).

The model I bought is the Alix2d3, a headless system board with 3 network interfaces and 2 USB ports: the ideal to integrate a small router/firewall that I hope to use as NAS (with an external USB hard disk) and as print-server as well.

Here are some information about the board:

  • 500 MHz AMD Geode LX800
  • 256 MB DDR DRAM
  • CompactFlash socket
  • 44 pin IDE header
  • 3 Ethernet channels
  • 1 miniPCI slot
  • DB9 serial port
  • dual USB port

It has been some time since I started thinking to integrate a linux based firewall/router: I think I’ll start having fun trying to installing the Zeroshell distribution.

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