Walkera Lama 2-1 with the WK-2801

The WK-2801E radio can be configured to emulate a 4CH wk-2401 radio but it requires some tweaking to control the Lama 2-1 perfectly.

wk-2801 main

With the default wk-2401 emulation settings there are 2 major problems:

  1. once bound, the rotors start spinning
  2. hovering is practically impossible as the throttle resolution is not that precise:
    attempting to keep the heli hovering makes it just jump up and down

Trimming the throttle down solves the first problem but does not help with hovering.

The solution is simple:
increasing the only endpoint travel on low throttle (110% or more, depending on your heli and taste) does the trick.

My actual settings are the following:

  1. STICK set to 2401 emulation mode
  2. TRVADJ -> THRO -> L set to 140%
  3. STEP -> THRO set to 1
  4. no throttle TRIMMING

wk-2801 stick setupwk-2801 trvadj setupwk-2801 step setup

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